Reading Recovery - Early Literacy

Reading Recovery is a short-term intervention providing one-on-one instruction for children in first grade needing extra help in reading and writing. Each student receives an individual lesson each school day for up to 20 weeks with a specially-trained teacher.

Early Literacy provides small group instruction for children in grades K-2 who need extra help in reading and writing. Each day the children participate in reading familiar books, sharing poems and songs, letter and word/phonics work, listening to stories, writing stories, and reading a new book.


Reading Recovery Teacher at Hermann Elementary:

Wanda Korman
E-mail: 573-486-3197, ext. 5042



Your child will bring home a reading bag each night with one or two familiar books to read to you.  Please initial his/her reading sheet and return it to school each day.  Reading familiar books will help your child use story meaning and phonics skills together and improve fluent, smooth reading.  

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