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District Directory

To reach a member of our staff by phone, please dial the direct to the building and then the extension as listed.

Elementary:  573-486-3197,  Middle School:  573-486-3121,  High School:  573-486-5425,   Central Office:  573-486-2116

First Name Last Name Building Email Phone Ext
Chloe Albers Elementary School calbers@hermann.k12.mo.us 2479
Amy Alferman Middle School aalferman@hermann.k12.mo.us 1271
Andrew Alsop High School aalsop@hermann.k12.mo.us 1170
Maranda Anderson Central Office manderson@hermann.k12.mo.us 1306
Todd Anderson High School tanderson@hermann.k12.mo.us 1149
Gary Ash Middle School gash@hermann.k12.mo.us 1276
Melissa Ash  Central Office mash@hermann.k12.mo.us 1305
Daniel Bader High School dbader@hermann.k12.mo.us 1173
Kristi Bakameyer Elementary School kbakameyer@hermann.k12.mo.us 2410
Jennifer Baynes Elementary School jbaynes@hermann.k12.mo.us 2467
Donald Bell High School dbell@hermann.k12.mo.us 1180
Horst Bloch High School hbloch@hermann.k12.mo.us
Debra Brethorst Middle School dbrethorst@hermann.k12.mo.us 1284
Rachel Brinker High School rbrinker@hermann.k12.mo.us 1181
Paige Brown Middle School pbrown@hermann.k12.mo.us 1270
Kendra Brune Elementary School kbrune@hermann.k12.mo.us 2400
Amie Buesking Central Office abuesking@hermann.k12.mo.us 1307
Jennifer Burns Middle School jburns@hermann.k12.mo.us 1269
Nicole Buschmann Middle School nbuschmann@hermann.k12.mo.us 1200
Cameron Carey High School ccarey@hermann.k12.mo.us 1182
Tracy Case Bus Drivers tcase@hermann.k12.mo.us
Kimberly Chasteen Middle School kchasteen@hermann.k12.mo.us 1230
Joyce Churchill Bus Drivers jchurchill@hermann.k12.mo.us
Rebecca Cramer Elementary School rcramer@hermann.k12.mo.us 2451
Maribeth Dann Middle School mdann@hermann.k12.mo.us 1279
Patrick Dell Middle School pdell@hermann.k12.mo.us 1117
Ashley Edwards Elementary School aedwards@hermann.k12.mo.us
Janette Eggen Elementary School jeggan@hermann.k12.mo.us 2460
Angela Elder Middle School aelder@hermann.k12.mo.us 1231
Catherine Elsenraat High School catelsenraat@hermann.k12.mo.us 1110
Andrew Emmons High School aemmons@hermann.k12.mo.us 1150
Kara Emmons Middle School kemmons@hermann.k12.mo.us 1281
Melissa Engemann Middle School mengemann@hermann.k12.mo.us 1291
Tara Englert Middle School tenglert@hermann.k12.mo.us 1210
Eva Erickson Elementary School eerickson@hermann.k12.mo.us 2471
Lisbeth Fields Elementary School lfields@hermann.k12.mo.us
Kristy Goss Middle School kgoss@hermann.k12.mo.us
Erica Groner Elementary School egroner@hermann.k12.mo.us 2453
Dawn Grosse  Middle School dgrosse@hermann.k12.mo.us 1315
Brenda Grotewiel  High School bgrotewiel@hermann.k12.mo.us 1152
Lauren Grover High School lgrover@hermann.k12.mo.us 1167
Sarah Hackmann Central Office shackmann@hermann.k12.mo.us 1316
Steve Hanger Middle School shanger@hermann.k12.mo.us
Tracey Hankins Central Office thankins@hermann.k12.mo.us 1300
Brittany Hanks High School bhanks@hermann.k12.mo.us 1177
Sharon Havis High School shavis@hermann.k12.mo.us 1175
Katie Heaney Middle School kheaney@hermann.k12.mo.us 1278
Valerie Hernandez High School vhernandez@hermann.k12.mo.us
Ashley Herndon Elementary School aherndon@hermann.k12.mo.us 2469
Emily Hischier Elementary School ehischier@hermann.k12.mo.us 2483
Dustin Hoener Maintenance dhoener@hermann.k12.mo.us 1321
Jeremy Hosick Middle School jhosick@hermann.k12.mo.us 1228
Jill Jacob Elementary School jjacob@hermann.k12.mo.us 2484
Larry Jacquin Elementary School ljacquin@hermann.k12.mo.us
Dana Kallmeyer High School dkallmeyer@hermann.k12.mo.us 1111
Chelsie Kallmeyer Middle School ckallmeyer@hermann.k12.mo.us
Savannah Kiser Middle School jkiser@hermann.k12.mo.us 1274
Jamie Koenigsfeld Middle School jkoenigsfeld@hermann.k12.mo.us 1287
Glen Kohlbusch Bus Drivers gkohlbusch@hermann.k12.mo.us
Matthew Kohrs Maintenance mkohrs@hermann.k12.mo.us
Lindsay Kopp Elementary School lkopp@hermann.k12.mo.us 2466
Marlene Kottmann Middle School mkottmann@hermann.k12.mo.us 1202
Nancy LaBoube Elementary School nlaboube@hermann.k12.mo.us 2473
Philip Landolt Middle School plandolt@hermann.k12.mo.us 1289
Marissa Landwehr Elementary School mlandwehr@hermann.k12.mo.us 2464
Tammy Lane Elementary School tlane@hermann.k12.mo.us 2482
Christopher Leibach High School cleibach@hermann.k12.mo.us
Timothy Leibach Middle School tleibach@hermann.k12.mo.us
Gary Leimkuehler High School gleimkuehler@hermann.k12.mo.us 1100
Steven Lenger Middle School
Leah Lerbs High School llerbs@hermann.k12.mo.us 1172
Denise Malone Bus Drivers dmalone@hermann.k12.mo.us
Holly Marek Elementary School hmarek@hermann.k12.mo.us 2452
Bridget Marler Elementary School bmarler@hermann.k12.mo.us 2475
Kevin Marsch Central Office kmarsch@hermann.k12.mo.us 1314
Melanie Masur High School mmasur@hermann.k12.mo.us 1166
Patricia Maurer High School pmaurer@hermann.k12.mo.us 1160
Wayland McKague High School wmckague@hermann.k12.mo.us 1112
Jordan Meyer Elementary School jmeyer@hermann.k12.mo.us 2474
Beth Miller Elementary School bmiller@hermann.k12.mo.us 2480
Donelle Moore Middle School dmoore@hermann.k12.mo.us
Joshua Morris Middle School jmorris@hermann.k12.mo.us 1206
Giselle Mueller Middle School gmueller@hermann.k12.mo.us 1212
Joan Mundwiller High School jmundwiller@hermann.k12.mo.us 1176
Mary Mundwiller Elementary School mmundwiller@hermann.k12.mo.us 2443
Melanie Nelgner High School mnelgner@hermann.k12.mo.us 1165
Benjamin Noelke High School bnoelke@hermann.k12.mo.us
Wendy Noelke Elementary School wnoelke@hermann.k12.mo.us 2472
Patricia Pazdera High School ppazdera@hermann.k12.mo.us 1103
Crystal Pehle Middle School cpehle@hermann.k12.mo.us 1203
Ronald Plumb Bus Drivers rplumb@hermann.k12.mo.us
Keri Poehlman Elementary School kpoehlman@hermann.k12.mo.us 2403
Lela Pohlmann High School lpohlmann@hermann.k12.mo.us 1122
Douglas Ridder High School dridder@hermann.k12.mo.us 1113
Jess Robb High School jrobb@hermann.k12.mo.us 1171
Leigh Rogers High School lerogers@hermann.k12.mo.us 1164
Amanda Rothschild Elementary School arothschild@hermann.k12.mo.us 2465
Benjamin Sachs High School bsachs@hermann.k12.mo.us 1117
Alyssa Sachs Elementary School asachs@hermann.k12.mo.us 2470
Michele Schaefer Elementary School mschaefer@hermann.k12.mo.us 2476
Kate Schannuth High School kschannuth@hermann.k12.mo.us 1143
Paula Schannuth High School pschannuth@hermann.k12.mo.us 1151
Amy Schebaum Elementary School aschebaum@hermann.k12.mo.us 2461
Karen Scheer Elementary School kscheer@hermann.k12.mo.us 2478
Brenda Scheidegger Elementary School bscheidegger@hermann.k12.mo.us 2404
Robert Schwartz Custodian rschwartz@hermann.k12.mo.us
Cheryl Schwartze Middle School cschwartze@hermann.k12.mo.us 1205
Joshua Schwenck Middle School jschwenck@hermann.k12.mo.us 1285
Elizabeth Stephan Middle School bstephan@hermann.k12.mo.us 1273
Margaret Stiegman Middle School mstiegman@hermann.k12.mo.us 1277
Susan Stiers Central Office sstiers@hermann.k12.mo.us 1302
Zachary Stobart High School zstobart@hermann.k12.mo.us 1174
Judy Stock Middle School jstock@hermann.k12.mo.us 1204
Pamela Strothkamp Middle School pstrothkamp@hermann.k12.mo.us 1229
Nancy Struttmann Elementary School nstruttmann@hermann.k12.mo.us
Rebecca Summers Middle School rsummers@hermann.k12.mo.us 1268
Victoria Tate Elementary School vtate@hermann.k12.mo.us
Buddy Thompson Maintenance bthompson@hermann.k12.mo.us
Tina Toedebusch Elementary School ttoedebusch@hermann.k12.mo.us 2405
Valerie Uthlaut High School vuthlaut@hermann.k12.mo.us 1169
Laura Vance Bus Drivers lvance@hermann.k12.mo.us
Tracy Vedder High School tvedder@hermann.k12.mo.us 1184
Heather Vedder Elementary School hvedder@hermann.k12.mo.us 2418
Theresa Vieth High School tvieth@hermann.k12.mo.us 1105
Joshua Vinyard High School jvinyard@hermann.k12.mo.us 1168
Angela Walter Elementary School awalter@hermann.k12.mo.us 2481
Beth Weir Middle School bweir@hermann.k12.mo.us 1286
Ann Weissenbach Elementary School aweissenbach@hermann.k12.mo.us 2477
Sarah Wideman Elementary School swideman@hermann.k12.mo.us 2450
Taylor Willimann Elementary School twillimann@hermann.k12.mo.us 2468
Anne Winkelmann Elementary School awinkelmann@hermann.k12.mo.us 2402
Kate Winters Elementary School kwinters@hermann.k12.mo.us 2462
Anne Worland Elementary School aworland@hermann.k12.mo.us 1262
Timothy Wunderlich High School twunderlich@hermann.k12.mo.us 1161
Roxanne Zeiss High School rzeiss@hermann.k12.mo.us 1102