We're in the Band


We’re with the Band

Jessica Robertson, 11

It’s no surprise that nine students from Hermann High made the very prestigious Conference Band. Out of the nine students eight of them excelled and actually went through with joining. Hermann High was honored to have the immense privilege to listen to the conference band play. They did various

ensembles such as “Symphony No. 4, Writers for the Flag and Amazing Grace.”
Senior Kara Johnson is no stranger when it comes to conference band. Being a part of the group since her freshmen year, Johnson knows all about what it takes to get into the band. “You have to not suck to get in. You have to be able to play scales, play a piece well and be able to site read.” Not a lot of people are aware about the persistency and hard work you have to conquer in getting into conference band. “It’s a good accomplishment, it feels good to make it year after year and know you’re good enough to do something like that.”

Andrew Lewis, 11 also knows a little something about being in the band. As a big group it is no easy task being as good as they are. “It’s stressful at times and sometimes it feels like there is too much music and not enough time to practice it.” Lewis states. Being in the conference band for two consecutive years’ shows great patience and tolerance. “I stay in the conference band because I like playing the instrument and being with other people that play instruments, like myself.” 
“I started the conference band this year, and I did it because I wanted to try something new and wanted to push myself to do something great” sophomore, Chris Hurst states. It being his first year in conference band he is beginning to see that the hard work of conference band pays off. “Even though the music is tough, you strive to get it accomplished and it pays off in the end.” Hurst finished.

Hermann High has a great group of people that play very diverse instruments. Johnson plays the clarinet in the woodwind section. Stating that she was forced to play it in middle school and it just stuck. Lewis plays trumpet in the brass section. “I like the attitude that comes with playing the trumpet.” And Hurst plays the tuba also in the brass section.