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Hermann High School


Hermann High School Class of 2017 
Commencement will be 
Tuesday, May 23, 2017. 
If 5 or more days are missed for inclement weather, 
commencement will take place on May 25th.

Principal:  Gary Leimkuehler
Phone # 573-486-5425 extension 1100

Athletic Director:  Todd Anderson
Phone # 573-486-5425 extension 1149

Building Secretary:  Roxanne Zeiss
Phone # 573-486-5425 extension 1102

Counselor:  Patricia Pazdera
Phone # 573-486-5425 extension 1103
email: ppazdera@hermann.k12.mo.us

School Based Social Worker:  Dawn Grosse
Phone # 573-486-3197 extension 1315
                    email: dgrosse@hermann.k12.mo.us          

Athletic Dept Secretary:  Paula Schannuth
Phone # 573-486-5425 extension 1151
email: pschannuth@hermann.k12.mo.us

Counselor's Secretary:  Kate Schannuth
Phone # 573-486-5425 extension 1143
email: kschannuth@hermann.k12.mo.us

                              Hermann High School Dress Code

High School Teaching Staff
(Click on name to go to the teacher's individual web page if available.)
Ashley Aaron
Andrew Alsop
Don Bell
Cameron Carey
Patrick Dell
Andy Emmons
Brenda Grotewiel
Lauren Grover
Wayland McKague
James McKay
Derek Morgan
Joan Mundwiller
Leslie Muench
Leslie Ohse
Doug Ridder
Jess Robb
Ben Sachs
Zach Stobart
Valerie Uthlaut
Theresa Vieth
Josh Vinyard
Tim Wunderlich